Virtual Illustration in Codebadge




Codeuino is an open source social networking organisation that tends to work for building social environments for communities, allowing them to use in their custom way. Codebadge stands out as one of the community run project which aims to support contributors with badges and allowing Community admins/moderators to use it in their custom way for every contributor involved through their contribution in the organizations. We are developing a FOSS tool that allows ones to create badges and integrate them with their forums which is based on github commits. It has got more enhanced features which allow them with analytics, drafting, allotment and many more.

We are designing admin dashboard through which he/she can set the criterias for badge allotment, and analyse the project progress and allot issues on the basis of past contributions. We are also willing to enhance our Codebadge illustrator by adding new functionalities.

Task and Features

This project includes working on various tasks such as development of Organisation Admin dashboard and UI builder (Illustrator)

1. Organisation Admin's panel:-

  • Search by username, his contributions in the community.

  • Searching on the basis of project all contributors on the basis of project.

  • Displaying analytics such as charts of progress of each projects and other related things.

  • Displaying chart of contributions by an organization member.

  • Displaying tech stack and issue type he has contributed to(such as designing,enhancement, bug solving)

  • Suggesting issues assignment to contributor on the basis of past experience.(7-8 days)

2. Illustrator:- This tool involves visual editor or we could say visual UI builder with just drag and drop inside the dashboard.

  • Displaying image on html canvas.

  • Move tool with js.

  • Resize image on drag with js.

  • Quick Selection tool using js and Python.

  • Puppet wrap using js and Python.

  • Layers using js and Flask.

  • Pick tool using Python.

  • Pen tool using js

Required Skill/Knowledge:

Students shall have knowledge of:- Creating and Working with github APIs Creating restful apis in flask api for illustrator for machine learning features. Html canvas, vuejs, css, javascript for ui designing.

Difficulty Level:


Expected Outcome:

Codebadge will gain a new look with features of Admin panel and Illustration tools

Potential Mentors:-

Jaskirat Singh and Vaibhav D. Aren