Rails Girls Summer of Code 2020

Welcome to Rails Girls Summer of Code with Codeuino

Rails Girls Summer of Code is an award-winning global fellowship program aimed at bringing more diversity into Open Source. It welcomes all women and non-binary applicants who want to gain a footing in the world of coding and further expand their knowledge and skills. The focus is on advanced-beginners who want to enter programming full-time.

As a fellowship program, successful applicants are paid a monthly stipend, from July to September. This breaks down all-too-common financial barriers, allowing students to work on a worthwhile Open Source project.

Working in two-person teams, students are supported by a mentor directly involved with the Open Source project, and independent coaches with extensive developer experience.

To learn more about this year's event and how RGSoC works, please refer to the Rails Girls Summer of Code Guide****

We are glad to apply to Rails Girls Summer of Code 2020 as a mentoring organisation, where we gonna have separate projects listed by potential mentors in RGSOC App. In the meanwhile feel free to move around and connect with the community.

Get in Touch with us

The projects under renowned organisation gets listed separtely on the RGSoC Project App. People who wants to mentor project pickups from the project Ideas page and list them up on the RGSOC website as an independent project.

The Organisation administrators for RGSoC 2020 are Jaskirat Singh followed by co-organisation administrator Ayush

  • Email: Ayush and Jaskirat

    Students and Mentors can join these discussion portals in order to carry discussions about their projects and interaction within community.

  • SLACK Discussion platform: Join to interact with community!

  • Contact Email: [email protected]

Involving as a Student under Codeuino

Create your application at https://teams.railsgirlssummerofcode.org/apply

Before Being Accepted

If you are a student, you can start exploring project ideas towards the RGSoC application phase. Each project contains contacts to reach out to potential mentors, and many projects have also been listed with some ongoing issues. Students are requested to get involved with the community in order to carry with projects.

  1. Become familiar with Codeuino Community and the project(s) for which you're applying. Read the Get Involved Guide and ask others in the community if you have questions. If you ask questions the smart way, you'll get better responses.

  2. Make sure your development environment is installed and running, and optimized for maximum efficiency.

  3. Review project ideas listed here & ask questions about those or other projects in the here

  4. Spend as much time as possible in our SLACK channel. Here is the link to join the communication channel.

  5. Introduce yourself within the community.

  6. Run, Test and identity some potential issues in Codeuino Github Repositories

  7. Increase your visibility by suggesting ideas Suggest new ideas and participate in to other's discussions as much as possible in order to have a fruitful outcome.

  8. Get Knowledge about RGSoC by understanding it and reading about it on their Manual

NOTE: Students can also propose their own ideas that they want to include within the community

After Being Accepted

  1. Set up a blog for your work on open source projects, including RGSoC. If you don't have a blog yet, you should create one. You will be required to write a blog post every week about your planning work and project progress during RGSoC. This will be "Progress Report".

  2. Contact your mentor immediately. Make a plan to communicate with them regularly. You would be required to communicate publicly within the #RGSOC channel inside the SLACK unless something is private.

  3. Prepare a detailed project plan together with your mentor. This will include setting up milestones for every week.

  4. Prepare mid-term & final project presentation videos about your project's status, progress, and any questions you have for the community.

    You will asked to submit it through google drive which can be published from "Codeuino YouTube Channel"

  5. Attend weekly meetings with potential mentors explaining them your work in every week through Google Hangouts.

After Completion of RGSOC

  1. Write a final blog post summarizing your overall experience! If you like, talk to the org admins for consideration to cross-post this article to the Google Open Source Blog.

  2. Stay involved with your project or other projects as your schedule permits! There is always plenty of development work needed.

  3. Continue to be involved with Codeuino Community for additional questions or feedback about your RGSoC project, and for other topics that interest you.

  4. Present your project in events, Conferemnces and other related meetups.

  5. Participate as a mentor/Volunteer for Rail Girl Summer of Code, Google Summer of Code, Google Code-in, and other related programs.

Involving as a Mentor

Potential mentors are invited to assign themselves on the projects they want to mentor this summer under Codeuino community. The person who is willing to mentor takes up the project within the community and propose it under RGSOC on the basis of involvement and prior knowledge of it.

Mentoring takes about 5 to 6 hours of work per week (more at the start, less at the end). In return, a student works on your project full time for 3 months. Think about the projects that you’ve always wanted to do but could not find the time.

Consider proposing your own ideas as well that match the community project style.

Make sure you get through the "Mentor Guide"

Expectations from a mentor

  1. Commit to spending a minimum of 4 hours each week to be available to guide and mentor students (not just your assigned student).

  2. Commit to being present in SLACK to help answer questions as much as your schedule allows, at a minimum of 4 hours each week.

  3. Prepare a good overview of your project idea(s)

  4. Review student proposals and work with other mentors and organization admins to select the best candidates for Codeuino.

  5. Ensure your Student is Active. They should have a good community involvement and good discussions. Should be answerable wherever they are tagged.

  6. Reach out to the Summer of Code organization administrators if you have questions or concerns.

  7. Do weekly meeting with students and give weekly report to Organization Admins.

Project Ideas


Project description

Codeuino is an open source social networking organisation that tends to work for building social environments for communities, allowing them to use in their custom way. Codebadge stands out as one of the community run project which aims to support contributors with badges and allowing Community admins/moderators to use it in their custom way for every contributor involved through their contribution in the organizations. We are developing a FOSS tool that allows ones to create badges and integrate them with their forums which is based on github commits. It has got more enhanced features which allow them with analytics, drafting, allotment and many more.

We are designing admin dashboard through which he/she can set the criterias for badge allotment, and analyse the project progress and allot issues on the basis of past contributions. We are also willing to enhance our Codebadge illustrator by adding new functionalities.

The coaches who will be helping you out remotely are:-

Project's Requirements

Students shall have knowledge of:- Creating and Working with github APIs Creating restful apis in flask api for illustrator for machine learning features. Html canvas, vuejs, css, javascript for ui designing.

Task and Features

This project includes working on various tasks such as development of Organisation Admin dashboard and UI builder (Illustrator)

1. Organisation Admin's panel:-

  • Search by username, his contributions in the community.

  • Searching on the basis of project all contributors on the basis of project.

  • Displaying analytics such as charts of progress of each projects and other related things.

  • Displaying chart of contributions by an organization member.

  • Displaying tech stack and issue type he has contributed to(such as designing,enhancement, bug solving)

  • Suggesting issues assignment to contributor on the basis of past experience.(7-8 days)

2. Illustrator:- This tool involves visual editor or we could say visual UI builder with just drag and drop inside the dashboard.

  • Displaying image on html canvas.

  • Move tool with js.

  • Resize image on drag with js.

  • Quick Selection tool using js and Python.

  • Puppet wrap using js and Python.

  • Layers using js and Flask.

  • Pick tool using Python.

  • Pen tool using js


Project Description

Codeuino is an open source social networking organisation that tends to work for building social environments for communities, allowing them to use in their custom way. "Season of Design" is one of the new initiative by Codeuino which tends to focus more on diverse tech designers. The goal of Season of Design is to provide a platform for designers and Open source organizations to collaborate and work to improve the design of their open source projects. Since not many designers are a part of the open-source community, we want to bridge the gap between them and let them gain experience in contributing to open source communities. For designers who are a part of open source communities, it provides them a way to collaborate with other designers and find ways to work more effectively.

So taking this into consideration this project idea will aim to build a "Management System" for Organizers, Org Admins/Mentors and Mentees separately for the above idea where they could collaborate easily and efficiently.

Project Requirements

The ideal students who would be working on this project needs to have a good knowledge of web development. React, Java script and any other front-end framework a student is comfortable to deliver same results is welcomed. Prior knowledge of working with databases Nodejs, mongo/angular would be an important addition alongside with understanding of UI/UX.

Tasks and Features

This project would be developed in 3 separate sections. Please find the details of requirements needed in these three sections below:

PART 1- For Organizers: Organizers are the ones who would be conducting/hosting this program keeping this into mind that organizers change with seasons. So for organizers student would be required to make a dashboard where they can track all the activities of a org mentor and mentees.

  • Organisers would be able to have control over the whole setup where they can change things in between or launch up initially.

  • Organisers can add members to the community through Invites, also can invite other as an Admin/moderator due which all the same rights will be shared with the other person.

  • Blocking users ( Giving access to block people), Removing people from the contest whenever needed.

  • Analytical representation (This will help organizers know about stat for their posts, members joined, etc)

  • Giving Access to delete/remove any thing which is visible to mentors and mentees such as comments,etc

  • Giving them access to change modules in between any time through toggle or any other available options such as Theme change, Removing/Adding any other modules,

  • Making a feature of "Maintenance". with this no user should be able to login/signup . they should see a particular page of maintenance. these rights should be given to only admins.

  • Allowing to give them access for the "settings" of the community

  • Giving them access to "Open/Close" signups and logins for the communities.

  • Making the screens to draft announcements which will be visible to the admins, mentors and mentees.

  • Allowing project submission forms.

  • Way of evaluating Admins/Mentors and Mentees.

PART 2 - For Admins: Admins would be the ones who would be drafting an application for their project/community in this program and will work collectively with mentors and mentees just like GSoC.

Development of module for Configuration screens :

  • Screen 1: Registering Admin account with information such as Admin name, Email, Username, Password, etc. For example check here

  • Screen 2: Include Admin Account Confirmation through email. An email send to the Admin account, On confirmation should redirect them to the page of "Activate Account" which further leads to other setup.

  • Screen 3: Welcoming Screen, that should allow to setup Community account. For hint check here and filling project details.

  • Screen 4: Setting up Community profile and permissions like Community Name, Description,Welcoming Invites, Access ( Is community open to everyone or limited to invites,etc. ), Automated Invites, System Email setup, etc.

  • They will have dedicate pages for submitting their projects, inviting mentors and keeping a track with stats.

  • They would be able to communicate with Organizers, Mentors and Mentees.

  • If one Admin invites some other user as Admin then they should have a mechanism to share their dashboards.

  • They can invite mentors to their project through forms and emails which should be drafted within this platform.

  • Way of evaluating Mentors and Mentees.

Mentors will also have a same kinda dashboard

PART 3 - For Mentees: Mentees (here designers) would be the ones who would be working on projects, drafting UI/UX of the projects. mentees needs to have a dashboard for themselves.

  • Mechanism for mentees to register themselves through profile set up

  • Choose projects which will be visible on their dashboard and select

  • Integration of wiki or kinda doc which they would be using to submit their project proposal to mentors

  • Way to communicate with others through comments

  • Visual analytics which will help them to view their progress

  • Way to submit their work and asking mentors to evaluate.