Contributing to Design

Things you need to know

What is CodeUino?

What is CodeUino Design?

What is our design workflow?

Things you need to follow

As a community, we follow some design principles to improve the understanding of the process of design and ease the workflow. Before starting to design, we need you to understand the principles and put them in use while contributing.

1. Data Empower Us

Data expels the guesswork from our plans. We let it guide our decision-making skills to produce amazing products and designs. Be that as it may, we don't allow data to drive or evacuate our creativity and interest. We have to comprehend the data and have a gut of what is correct or wrong.

2. Be Minimalist

We make sure that our designs are simple and minimalist. We never take "that is how it is" for an answer. Making something straightforward and simple to utilize is constantly harder than making it complicated, yet it's something we believe is right.

3. User comes first

Keep the user in mind. We can't design the right thing if we don't know who the user is. That is why keep users in mind, have empathy for them and empower them rather than overwhelming them.

4. Be Consistent

Consistency makes users acquainted with our idea and plans. Our messages are clear and are imparted through basic and familiar designs. If that way works, we reuse designs rather than re-designing them.

5. Designs Are Forgiving

We comprehend that there is nothing of the sort as a perfect design and nothing can prevent all mistakes. That is why our designs allow users to recover from mistakes. The capacity to fix builds trust in our designs.

Get Started


All the design tasks are found in CodeUino's Github repository and are marked with the label "design". - CodeUino Github

  1. Search for design labels in the complete issue list.

  2. Comment on the issue, confirm with others and start working on the issue.

Types of Issues

Graphic Design

This includes corporate design (logos and branding), Illustrations, marketing design (posters, banners), advertisements, communication design and signage.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, GIMP

UI/UX Design

This is the major part of the design in the community. It consists designing of UI screens, Wire-frames and Hi-fidelity mock-ups for both web and mobile devices.

Platform: Figma

UX Documentation

This contains User Interviews, Surveys, Affinity cards, Wire-flows, User personas, User journey and other design documents which contain our thought process and workflow.

Platform: Gitbook