Design Workflow

Our Process

We follow a 4-query procedure to solve the design issues. Each question is a step toward the completion of the product.

  • What do we want? What do we want to achieve for a platform and also as a community?

  • What do we have? What information do we have for any new product? Do we have designs or guidelines for improving the design of an existing platform?

  • How do we get what we want? How we move forward to solve the design issues? What process do we follow for both new and existing products?

  • What will happen when we do? Are the solutions right? Is the problem solved? Is the new product reaching out and connecting to people?



To increase productivity, we follow sprint cycles which roughly are for 10-15 days. Everything from Ideating, designing, prototyping and re-iterating come under each sprint.

Why Sprints?

There are several reasons why we have implemented sprints in our design system.

  • Time constraint boosts creativity and forces you to make product decisions quickly, thereby increasing our productivity.

  • Team alignment. Having the whole team work closely together on the same goal and with the same information is intensely uniting.

  • To get a better idea of the problem and a broader view of the overall product.

  • Prototyping frees you from the traditional time and money constraints of building a product to test it.