Codeuino Visual Identity

What is Visual Identity?

Visual identity is the visible elements of a brand, such as color, design, and logo, typography and the symbol that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers' minds.

Why these Guidelines?

For any logo to be memorable and have the desired recall value, it is necessary that it be portrayed across all platforms in a consistent manner. The components of the Logo should be consistently used. It ensures that platform stands out and= and makes the platform easily identifiable.

These guidelines have been laid out to improve the visual application of the Logo of Donut, A social media application.

Who should use this?

It is for the use of developers, designers and others who may use the logo. The document lays down all the guidelines of how and where should the logo be used. It is important that the logo remains consistent across all platforms, signage and marketing collateral.

Codeuino Visual Identity

Standard Logo - Vertical


Standard Logo - Horizontal


Logo Mark



While presenting the logo, Use the Codeuino-White logo with Codeuino-Blue as background.


Colour palette

Chromatic colours

Codeuino Blue (#25257C) is the main colour of the Codeuino identity so it has the strongest presence on our brand.

Achromatic versions :

Codeuino White (#FFFFFF) Codeuino Black (#000000)


Primary and Secondary Font

Inter is both the primary and secondary font of Codeuino.

The font files can be downloaded from GITHUB

Font Weights

Variations of font weights can be used while presenting text.