Technical Requirements

You'll need to have some basic programming experience with the technologies and tools we use.


Tech Stack

Projects under the Codeuino Community are primarily JavaScript based and leverage several frameworks and libraries. In all of the projects, React is used on the frontend and the backend is written in Node.js with Express framework. MongoDB and Redis are used for persistent and in-memory storage respectively. Socket.IO is used for notifications using WebSockets. Some projects also use GraphQL. Apart from these various npm packages are used in different projects.

We recommend having good understanding of JavaScript basics like Promises, Async/await, ES6 etc and at least some experience working with Node/Express, React and MongoDB to get started. Check out these free resources to sharpen your tech skills:

Codeuino's Project Structure

The Codeuino takes into the house of development of the 3 social networking projects and they have been divided into the following ways: