So you're thinking of contributing to our documentation? Amazing! We really appreciate contributing to the docs because documentation plays an important role in any open source project to get started. So in order to chime in see something that needs fixing, or something that could be improved. Below you'll find some helpful guidelines to get you started, and to familiarize you with the approach we have been trying to follow.

NOTE: Our documentation is located and hosted on Gitbook. Link to the documentation -‚Äč

In general, there are two main types of contributions:

  • General improvements: typo corrections, fixing broken refs or links, correcting inaccurate or out-of-date information, and offering better explanations through clearer writing and additional examples.

  • New features or new pages: Adding a page of documentation that we haven't yet covered in our ongoing rewrite attempts as we move platforms, or documenting a new feature that has been added to Codeuino Projects since the last release.

Before Contributing

Understand that our documents are all released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license (CC BY SA). This means that your contributions are being released to the Codeuino community to use, share, remix, and distribute as they see fit, provided any distribution takes place under the same licensing.

Read through some of the documents we've already created. You'll notice that there is a consistent structure to most of them, which we will describe in greater detail below. By reading through some of our existing documentation, you will get a feeling for the overall structure and style.

Familiarize yourself with GitBook and Markdown. As mentioned above that our documentation is hosted on the Gitbook platform and it is always suggested that you should get through the GitBook Docs that demonstrate how to make edits or work with the gitbook platform.

Make your contributions in the right place. Are you contributing to the latest version of our docs, so that these improvements will be carried forward in the next version?

Use the best resources and mindful thoughts while documenting. You should make the documentation more impressive by adding Images, GIFs, Videos, etc.

Once you have read the "Before Contributing" section make sure you jump into the "Working with Changes" section