Our Values

Just like the rest of our work, we continually adjust our values and strive to make them better. The Codeuino community values are a living document. In many instances, they have been documented, refined, and revised based on lessons learned in the course of working effectively and efficiently.

So this section is our core which reflects how we organize ourselves, community guidelines, community ethics, all the way down to how we remunerate ourselves!

Everyone is welcome to suggest improvements.

The Codeuino community is a value-driven organization and here is what we believed in:

🌱 Sustainability:

Our mission is focused on creating open sustainability within social networking and build OSS/FOSS social-environmental tools with a sole motive to benefit organizations and individuals to have a common platform for collaboration. What we really mean by the “sustainable” codeuino's project is where the core contributors have a sustainable interest in keeping the project going, getting others to use it, helping it to be maintained at a certain level, responding to bug reports, developing new innovations and so forth. We can’t achieve our mission unless we are sustainable in doing it. We take a broad definition of sustainability as social networking, community health, and individual sustainability in the collaboration.

🤝 Collaboration:

Helping others is our priority, even when it is not immediately related to the goals that you are trying to achieve. Similarly, you can rely on others for help and advice—in fact, you're expected to do so. Anyone can chime in on any subject, including people who don't work at Codeuino. The person who's responsible for the work decides how to do it, but they should always take each suggestion seriously and try to respond and explain why it may or may not have been implemented.

👐 Openness:

Openness is the key to any open source project. Work within the Codeuino community is primarily organized around social networking. So following through the definition of the openness The Codeuino community is dedicated to fostering an open and welcoming environment for contributors. For starters, we provide the same level of source code available to all developers, meaning there is no favoritism to developers via priority access. Anyone can join the mailing list, participate in video conferencing meetings, or contribute to any of our projects on GitHub at any time! We strive to be open!

We encourage contributions through the visible recognition of the contributors and the provision of a transparent contribution and acceptance process that provides clear feedback on updates to contributions as they are incorporated into the project.

👁 Transparency:

Being transparent about as many things as possible is an aim for the open source ecosystem. By making information public, we reduce the threshold to contribution and make collaboration easier. We appreciate the use of public issue trackers, projects, and repositories on GitHub when possible.

We make information public by default because transparency is one of our values. However, it is most important to focus on better and healthy outcomes Therefore, a category of information is public unless there is a reason for it not to be. We have meetings every week and we welcome everyone, who is not only within the core team but also who has keen interests to participate and support our structure.

When information is not public, it may also be treated as limited access, only shared with certain Codeuino community members.

Transparency creates awareness for Codeuino community, allows us to recruit people that care about our values, gets us more and faster feedback from people outside the company, and makes it easier to collaborate with them. It is also about sharing great software, documentation, examples, lessons, and processes with the whole community and the world in the spirit of open source, which we believe creates more value than it captures.


We care about working on the right things, not doing more than needed, and not duplicating work. This enables us to achieve more progress, which makes our work more fulfilling.

🌐 Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are fundamental to the success of the Codeuino community. We aim to make a significant impact on our efforts to foster an environment where everyone can thrive. We have designed a multidimensional approach to ensure that Codeuino community is a place where people from every background and circumstance feel like they belong and can contribute. We actively chose to build and institutionalize a culture that is inclusive and supports all team members equally in the process of achieving their professional goals. We have people participating in our community calls globally and we encourage participation in a diverse set of countries. We work to make everyone feel welcome and to increase the participation of underrepresented minorities and nationalities in our community and company.


Being consistent with our day job helps us to stay motivated and encouraged. We are consistent with maintaining and building the open source sustainable and social networking products that help other external projects and communities to use it a better way. We are dependable, reliable, and responsible for our decisions and actions every single day. From our delivery and management teams to the service we provide our customers, consistency throughout the entire operation is paramount to our success.