We are an open-source social networking organization and it fulfills our social needs to interact with the social maintainers and other individuals who can help us grow.

Spreading the word about what is going on in the Codeuino community is a vital part of Codeuino engagement, and below are the following ways with which you can get involved in growing the Codeuino community

Writing Blog Posts

Some documentation is barely readable and needs proofreading for grammar, spelling, and sentence construction corrections. This helps the overall implementation and evolution of a project. In other cases, the documentation describes technical details but lacks any information for beginners. Plus, outlier cases, workarounds, and best practices should be written down and included. You can help in spreading the mission and vision of the Codeuino community. We have the Codeuino publication account on medium but feel free to write blog posts of Codeuino on either platform

Social Media

You can help us spread the word by sharing about Codeuino on social handles. The Codeuino has its account on Twitter and you can tag with the username as @codeuino By this, you can take into the responsibility of handling all the Codeuino's social handles.

Organize Meetups and Events

if you are good at organizing and managing the events, then you can help us organise the Codeuino events. For this, we prefer to have a document that lays down all the requirements and goals for any event which later needs to be approved by the Codeuino board

Get Sponsorship

We are a growing community and everyone inside it contributes voluntarily towards the betterment of the projects. We need various kinds of sponsorship to fulfill our social needs and avail the best resources to run our projects. You can help us in reaching out to the companies, communities, and individuals who can help us support the projects. All our funds are hosted on the Linux Foundation Funding Platform. So you can ask to contribute directly on the Linux Foundation CommunityBridge Funding Platform‚Äč